What should I wear to the session?

Wear comfortable clothing, preferably a black top. We provide clothing for children up to approximately thirteen years.
Bring bright colour tops for everyone in the same shade i.e. blues, reds. For maternity or newborn shoots mom must wear a strappy black top or something similar. Remember for newborns the studio is heated to 31°C – don’t wear anything to warm!!


Newborn Shoots

What is the best age for newborn shoots to be done?
The best images are taken when baby is less than 10 days old – the sooner the better. The newborn shoot is all about how tiny your baby is all the wrinkles and dry skin. If parents have dark ‘haven’t slept’ circles we can remove them digitally! A 3 week old baby will not lie or react the way a floppy little newborn will.
It’s cold outside – I don’t want to take my baby out. Will he be OK?
Our studio is heated to 31°C for newborn shoots. We have lots of experience in handling babies. We ensure that babies are very comfortable – the session is not distressing for them at all.


My baby has jaundice, should I still come?

Yes, definitely. The new born shoot is about recording how your baby looked when he/she was so small. Jaundice is normal and most babies get it to some degree.


What should I bring to the newborn shoot?

The only thing that you really must bring is a dummy. Even if you don’t believe in them or will never use it again, it helps settle the baby into the position. If you have any special gifts or clothing you have been given for baby i.e. booties, toys etc., bring them along and we will try to incorporate them into a shot.